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Efficient Packet Classification using Splay Tree Models


Srinivasan.T, Nivedita.M, Mahadevan.V


Vol. 6  No. 5  pp. 28-35


Packet classification forms the backbone on which a variety of Internet applications operate, providing QoS, security, monitoring, and multimedia capabilities. In order to classify a packet as belonging to a particular flow or set of flows, network nodes perform a search over a pre-defined rule-set, using multiple fields in the packet as the search key. It is being widely used today in high-speed packet forwarding in the Internet by the routers. To improve the performance of the traditional routers requires faster and more efficient lookup techniques for packet classification and switching. In this paper, we propose an efficient, high-speed and scalable packet classification technique using splay tree models and employing prefix conversion methods, called Splay Tree based Packet Classification (ST-PC). It is aimed at overcoming some of the performance limitations of the previously known techniques. Theoretical analysis of the proposed technique illustrates the high performance gains in terms of space and time complexities, over the well-known techniques in literature and their corresponding data structures.


Packet Classification, Routers, Classifier, Prefix Conversion, Splay Trees