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VWS: Applying virtualization techniques to Web Services


Julio Fernandez Vilas, Jose Pazos Arias, Ana Fernandez Vilas


Vol. 6  No. 5  pp. 120-128


What web services can offer nowadays is insufficient to build complex applications based on web services. Several technological aspects have not been standardized yet, and the study of some of them is still at a very early stage. This paper presents a new technique that can be applied to web services technology in order to be able to build web services with features like QoS, high availability, proxy/firewall usage or SLA management, among others. This technique is based on the virtualization of the real web services used to serve the client requests, creating new virtual web services that will be the ones invoked by the clients. At the back-end, the implementation web services (the real ones) will be invoked in order to fulfill the primary invocation.


Web services, virtualization, QoS, high availability