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A Multi-Agents System for Program Mining: Architecture, Interaction Protocol and Implementation


Fang Cunhao, Zhang Yaoxue


Vol. 6  No. 8  pp. 9-16


With the rapid development of computer network, Internet is used not only to publish and share Information, but also to provide many kinds of computing services. Program Mining is presented to deal with customized computing problem on demand for Internet users. This paper first introduce the basic concept of Program Mining: Program Mining makes use of several task-specific software agents, analyzes user requests for computing, searches the component candidates from online component libraries according to the request, and reassembles them to form programs that perform the expected computing.According to the general process of Program Mining, a multi-agent system for Program Mining is designed and the communication protocols between the agents are also developed. After analyzing the function of each entity in Program Mining system, we design one or more agent to act as the each entity. Then for each agent, the function and the process are provided in detail. Based on the Agent Communication Language, the communication protocols are presented for the multi-agent system. Via the communication protocols, it is assured that the actions of agents are consistent to the whole multi-agent system. In the implementation of multi agent system, we have developed a agent interaction protocol and language based dynamic agent infrastructure, which applies XML to specify the messages among mobile agents and define their tasks and access rights, to support multi-agent cooperation for program mining.Input here the part of summary


Multi-agent, Interaction Protocol, Program Mining, Computing-on-demand