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Investigation of Chromatic Dispersion and Pulse Broadening Factor of Two New Multi-clad Optical Fibers


Ali Rostami, Morteza Savadi Oskouei


Vol. 6  No. 8  pp. 60-68


In this paper two new and interesting multi-clad optical fibers are introduced and their properties from many aspects are investigated and compared together. For the proposed optical fibers two main characteristics such as dispersion and pulse broadening are calculated and demonstrated. Sensitivity of the proposed fibers to optical and geometrical parameters are calculated and discussed. We show that introduced type-II optical fiber is so sensitive to optical and geometrical parameters than type-I. So, type-II is better than type-I from control of the characteristic of the fiber point of view and is easy for tuning. Also, in small wavelengths effects of optical and geometrical parameters on dispersion and pulse broadening is considerable than large wavelengths. Our simulations show that in type-I zero-dispersion wavelength moves to large wavelengths


Multi-clad optical Fibers, Dispersion, Pulse Broadening