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The Artificial Collective Engine Utilising Stigmergy (ACEUS) a Framework for Building Adaptive Software Systems


G.B. O’Reilly, E.M. Ehlers


Vol. 6  No. 9  pp. 202-210


Many software systems are deemed failures due to the systems inability to rapidly adapt to its ever-changing domain needs. Designing and developing software solutions along the lines of a Complex Adaptive System (CAS) ensures the robustness and adaptability of the software solution. The utilisation of a CAS model in a software solution has the benefits of enhanced flexibility, adaptability, distribution and reusability. Such benefits can strengthen the ability of business software solutions to evolve and survive in the market place. Especially on the eve of the Semantic web. The Artificial Collective Engine Utilising Stigmergy (ACEUS) framework is described under the properties and mechanisms of a CAS. ACEUS forms a framework for building distributed business solutions for the Semantic web. The ACEUS framework is base upon and utilses the ant colony analogy. The taxonomy of the ACEUS framework is presented in terms of the layers and the utilization of stigmergy


Complex adaptive systems, Stigmergy, Distributed systems, Semantic web