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Web-based system for learning of communication protocols


Dan Komosny


Vol. 6  No. 9  pp. 38-42


The paper introduces a new web-based system that provides on-line access to software source codes developed using the Specification and Description Language (SDL). The purpose of this web system is to support the teaching of protocol techniques by offering practical examples of protocol implementation. However, examples developed in low-level languages such as C++ do not clearly describe the communication process as is desired. Therefore, a formal approach is often used for teaching purposes. SDL is one of the well-known formal languages used. SDL is an object-oriented programming language that uses graphical expressions for the source code. Furthermore, a simulation and validation of the SDL software can be performed without real implementation. The simulation results are again presented graphically using the Message Sequence Charts (MSC) diagrams. The above web system offers users the possibility to publish and search through SDL source codes with accompanying MSC diagrams


protocol, e-learning, SDL, MSC