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Autonomic Element Design Based on Mind Agent Model


Maoguang Wang, Jiewen Luo, Li Zeng, Zhongzhi Shi


Vol. 6  No. 9  pp. 63-68


In order to solve the increasing software and network management complexity, the idea of autonomic computing is brought forward by IBM. The aim is to increase the efficiency and decrease the management complexity, which achieves the goals of self-optimizing, self-healing, self-configuring and self-protecting. One of the critical questions is how to design an efficient and intelligent autonomic element for the autonomic computing system. Due to the intelligent agent characteristics, it is very suitable for agent to build autonomic element. Based on the agent research we build a mind agent model for the autonomic element, which has the autonomous and intelligent characteristics. Then we give a self-optimizing definition for the real application in AGrIP platform


Mind agent model, autonomic element, autonomic computing, self-optimization