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A Cross layer Admission Control On-demand Routing Protocol for QoS Applications


Noureddine Kettaf, Hafid Abouaissa, Thang Vuduong, Pascal Lorenz


Vol. 6  No. 9  pp. 98-105


Nowadays, the cross-layer design approach is the most relevant concept in mobile ad hoc networks which is adopted to solve several open issues. It aims to overcome ad hoc networks performance problems by allowing protocols belonging to different layers to cooperate and share network status information while still maintaining separated layers. In particular, the mechanisms on how to access the radio channel are extremely important to guarantee QoS (Quality of Service) and improve application performance. In this paper, we propose a cross-layer routing protocol for mobile ad hoc networks based on the cooperation between the Admission Control enabled On-demand Routing (ACOR) protocol and the new QoS-based IEEE 802.11e MAC layer. This enhanced protocol aims to find a feasible route according to application QoS requirements. The performances of the proposed cross-layer protocol are extensively investigated by simulations. Results obtained show that compared to ACOR based on 802.11b, cross-layer ACOR provides an efficient QoS support in mobile ad hoc networks with low overhead and high reliability


Routing, QoS, Ad hoc, Cross layer, 802.11e, Bandwidth, delay.