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A Multi-agent System Development Tool Support for Self-Organization


Maoguang Wang, Lirong Qiu, Fen Lin, Zhongzhi Shi


Vol. 6  No. 9  pp. 106-109


The theory of self-organization and adaptivity has grown out of a variety of disciplines, including thermodynamics, cybernetics and computer modeling. As modern computing environments become more open, pervasive and complex, self-organization is becoming more and more concerned in the multi-agent systems(MAS). Self-organization can be defined as the spontaneous creation of a globally coherent pattern out of local interactions. Self-organizing systems not only regulate or adapt their behaviors to the changing environment but also adjust their own software structure. It requires both connections that integrate the parts into a whole and organize different subsystems to adapt to the changes. In this paper the VAStudio multi-agent development platform is expected to create flexible and self-organization MAS software. VAStudio adopts a hierarchical structure form the fine-grain behavior level, the medium agent level to large-grain society level. Also it adopts the ontology to ensure the interaction message consistency, use policy to control the dynamic load of agents, components, protocols and plug-ins so on. And we give an experiment to illustrate the VAStudio


Multi-agent system, self-organization, multi-dimensional hierarchical structure, ontology