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Multiplication and Error Free Implementation of H.264 like 4x4 DCT/Quan_IQuan/IDCT using Algebraic Integer Encoding


Mohammad Norouzi, Karim Mohammadi, Mohammad Mahdy Azadfar


Vol. 6  No. 9  pp. 187-192


This paper presents a novel error-free (infinite-precision) algorithm for the fast implementation of H.264 like 4×4 DCT/Quan_IQuan/IDCT based on algebraic integer-encoding scheme. This encoding technique eliminates the requirement to approximate the transform matrix elements by obtaining their exact representation. The proposed algorithm has regular structure and simulation results shows reducing computing complexity with enhanced quality simultaneously. Furthermore it is multiplication free and suitable for the high speed implementation with a fully pipelined systolic architecture.


H.264, Video Coding, DCT, Algebraic Integer