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Programming Methodologies and Software Architecture


A Rama Mohan Reddy, Dr. M M Naidu, Dr. P Govindarajulu


Vol. 6  No. 11  pp. 29-39


Software quality is the major issues in software engineering discipline. The complexity of a program forces for better software design methodologies for enhancing the quality of software system. Researchers and practitioners proposed many program design methodologies. In the recent years, the software architecture is evolved as a way of software development that mainly focuses on computational units and overall structure of system rather than lines-code, called components. One of the characteristics of Software architecture is that it provides a higher level of abstraction. At higher level of abstraction, evaluation of quality attributes like reusability, substitutability and reliability of the software systems become easy. Software architecture supports many modeling techniques. Designers use these models to understand the underlying design issues, to evaluate functional and non-functional requirements and to communicate design decision to its stakeholders. For the better understanding of various aspects of Software Architecture such as evolution, description language, styles, evaluation and applicability, are discussed. This survey starts from various software development methodologies and goes up to software architecture.


Methodology, Software Architecture, Reusability, design, Implementation.