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Curve fitting in terms N-Control points on 2D using fuzzy set and rough set theory


Erkan ?lker, Ahmet Arslan


Vol. 6  No. 11  pp. 139-145


In this paper, we develop a new hybrid curve fitting model using fuzzy set and rough set theory. The developed method differs from classical curve fitting techniques and algorithms. For produced rule sets of model to create by using fuzzy logic technique and the membership functions of input and output functions, the range of membership functions and the relations between membership functions is utilized from the bezier curve algorithm because of it was base one of parametric curve fitting algorithms in computer graphics and computer aided geometric design. One major disadvantage in the production of parametric curves such as Bezier curve or B-spline curve is the update of the whole formula while adding new control points. For avoided from that, our work is only updating between the two control points that are close to each other. In this paper, we give as comparative results to obtained by using the proposed model and results to produced with Bezier curve algorithm


Fuzzy Logic, Rough Sets, Curve Fitting, Bezier Curve, Data Mining.