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An Economical IPv4-to-IPv6 Transition Model: -A Case study for University Network-


A. Hadi Arifin, Dahlan Abdullah, Sami Mohamed Berhan, Rahmat Budiarto


Vol. 6  No. 11  pp. 170-178


The new internet protocol version 6 has promising with shining future. The Universities as a high learning organization should be the first mover to cope with this technology. This paper discusses and highlights the cost of migration from IPv4 to IPv6 in Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), this cost includes two aspects, first aspect is the economical cost which is real cost of hardware, software, training and other cost which the sudden cost that take place in the system. The second aspect is the technological assessment which will discuss some components of the economical cost but from technical point of view. We propose a cost model that could be followed by the Universiti Sains Malaysia to estimate the cost of migration to IPv6. The objective of this report is to be a model or a useful guide for IPv6 migration in USM network as well as for other universities’ network.


IPv6, Transition Cost