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A New Fair Weighted Fair Queuing Scheduling Algorithm in Differentiated Services Network


M. A. Elshaikh, M. Othman, S. Shamala, J. Desa


Vol. 6  No. 11  pp. 267-271


Many new technologies has been proposed by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) to cover the new real time applications which are becomes very important in today’s Internet demands. One such technology is Differentiated Services (DiffServ). This has been introduced to provide better QoS where the routers provide PHBs to aggregate traffic for different levels of services and the scheduling algorithm used by the DiffServ routers is playing a critical role in implementing those PHBs. In this paper a new scheduler, Fair Weighted Fair Queuing (FWFQ), has been proposed that can be used effectively in a DiffServ networks. We evaluate the performance of our proposed FWFQ algorithm using extensive network simulation with a comparison to the current used algorithms WFQ and WIRR. The results from the simulation studies indicate that the scheduling algorithm we propose ensures both the required bandwidth fairness and end-to-end network delay bounds for QoS in DiffServ networks.


Diffserv, FWFQ, Scheduling, QoS