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Robust 3D Camera Motion Parameter Estimation for Video Coding


Eung-Tae Kim


Vol. 7  No. 2  pp. 96-105


In this paper, we present the estimation method of global motion parameters corresponding to 3D camera motion in the non-stationary noisy situation. Total least squares problem is first formulated to represent the global motion parameters estimation procedure from the noise-corrupted image coordinates. Then, a recursive total least squares (RTLS) algorithm is proposed to estimate 3D camera motion parameters in image sequences. The algorithm is proposed based on a five camera parameter model: zoom, focal length, pan, tilt, and swing. In the experimental results, the efficiency of the proposed RTLS algorithm is shown by comparing its MSE and PSNR with those of the conventional linear algorithms.


Camera motion estimation, recursive total least squares algorithm, non-stationary noise, global motion compensation.