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A GIS-Based Design and Implementation Approach for Modeling Driver’s Behavior in Route Selection Using Fuzzy-Neural Networks


Parham Pahlavani, Mahmoud Reza Delavar


Vol. 7  No. 2  pp. 106-116


For modeling a driver's behavior in route selection in outdoor situations we have two problems: 1-real situation is very often not crisp and deterministic and cannot be described precisely, 2-the complete description of driver's behavior in route selection often require much more detailed data than driver could ever recognize process, and understand simultaneously. In this paper we have designed and implemented a GIS-based fuzzy-neural approach for modeling driver’s behavior which represents the correlation of the attributes with the driver’s route selection. A recommendation or route fitness is provided to the driver based on a training of the fuzzy adaptive neural network on the main criteria of route selection such as length, time and the degree of difficulty. Tests of route selection for a part of North-West of Tehran traffic network are conducted and the results show the efficiency of the algorithm and support our analyses.


Route selection, deriver’s behavior, fuzzy adaptive neural network(FALCON)