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PVoT: An Interactive Authoring Tool for Virtual Reality


Jinseok Seo, Sei-woong Oh


Vol. 7  No. 4  pp. 17-26


The major problems that put virtual environment developers in difficult situations are: (1) the need to satisfy the three important requirements of virtual environments, namely, performance, presence, and usability, (2) complexity of VR objects that have three distinct aspects such as form, function, and behavior, and (3) the physical/logical gap between development and execution environments. To solve the problems, this paper proposes a set of computer-aided tools called “PVoT (Portable Virtual reality systems development Tool).” PVoT is designed based on the methodology, called “CLEVR (Con-current and LEvel by Level Development of VR systems),” a comprehensive collection of conventional and new concepts for building VR systems with three major philosophies [1]. With PVoT, one can design and immediately validate various aspects of the virtual reality systems in design reducing the temporal gap. This results in a highly interactive and seamless development environment. PVoT also collects performance data of all high-level elements in a given VR application and provides developers with a basis for performance prediction and tuning. The effectiveness of CLEVR/PVoT is demonstrated with case studies and an analysis of the development process


Virtual reality, Authoring Tool, Methodology