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An Event-Driven Pattern for Asynchronous Invocation in Distributed Systems


Soheil Toodeh Fallah, Ehsan Zaeri Moghaddam, Saeed Parsa


Vol. 7  No. 4  pp. 189-194


Asynchronous invocation reduces the average running time of distributed programs by providing concurrency mechanisms. The fact of occasionally having to check for return values in calling asynchronous methods is a noticeable drawback in such systems. We can cope with this issue by making instructions dependent on the return values of asynchronous methods as appropriate listener threads. In this paper, we have proposed a pattern for asynchronous invocation in order to enhance the client's performance in distributed systems. The layered model of the proposed pattern led us to a middleware-independent framework. The evaluation results indicate that our solution shall introduce a unified pattern for asynchronous remote method invocation.


Asynchronous Invocation, Pattern, Distributed Systems, Remote Method, Service, Framework