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A Simple Reconfigurable Object Model for a Ubiquitous Computing Environment


Kentaro Oda, Shinobu Izumi, Yoshihiro Yasutake, Takaichi Yoshida


Vol. 7  No. 5  pp. 8-16


Communication bandwidth, topology and security policy are different from place to place in a ubiquitous computing environment, components in the environment should change its behavior to fit current situation according to real world changes. Without adapting the environment, the components may fail to continue proper operations. In this paper, we propose a reconfigurable, object model that dynamically changes the object's behavior to fit the current environment by modifying its internal structure. The proposed object consists of communicating concurrent meta-objects. Each meta-object contains functionality for adaptation, remote communication, and administration. Generative communication, which allows meta-object communication, gives the proposed reconfigurable objects the following characteristics: flexibility; ability of allowing a variety of configurations; safety that ensures consistency; and a unification of state preservation and communication. The proposed object model was successfully implemented in a middleware framework called Juice 2.


Reconfiguration, Adaptation, Distributed objects