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Test Case Generation Technique for Interoperability Test of Component Based Software from State Transition Model


Wan-Seob Byoun, Cheol-Jung Yoo, Hye-min Noh, Ok-Bae Chang


Vol. 7  No. 5  pp. 151-157


With the rapid growth of CBD technology, two or more compo-nents from different vendors are integrated and interact with each other to perform a certain function in the component-based soft-ware. The main interest of component users who develop appli-cations using components developed already, is to confirm that the component is collaborating with other components according to the requirements. Interoperability test is to check how those components collaborate each other in component user context not in the component development context. Therefore, the re-search on the interoperability is crucially important. In this paper, a new technique is proposed for generating a test case which is necessary for checking the interoperability of the components in the component-based software.


Testing, CBD, Test Case Generation, Interoperability Test