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Reliability Analysis for Component-based Software System in Open Distributed Environments


Haiyang Hu


Vol. 7  No. 5  pp. 193-202


Internet provides an open, dynamic, and uncertain environment. Component-based software development in this environment faces more challenges with built upon a set of heterogeneous, autonomous software components distributed in the open network. Making analysis on the reliability of component-based software system in this environment has important meanings. However, current approaches to software reliability are not very applicable to this open environment. This paper presents a new approach to evaluate the reliability of the component-based software system in this open distributed environment by analyzing the reliabilities of the components in different application domains, the reliabilities of the connections to these components and the architecture style of their composition. Sensitivity analysis on the elements in the software system is also presented and we make experiments on an example to show the approach’s characteristics.


software components, component-based software system, reliability analysis, sensitivity analysis