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On the vulnerability of Simplified AES Algorithm Against Linear Cryptanalysis


S. Davod. Mansoori, H. Khaleghei Bizaki


Vol. 7  No. 7  pp. 257-263


Linear attack, at the first, introduced for DES encryption system, by Matsui. That cryptanalysis was based on linear approximation of nonlinear S-boxes of algorithm. Then this kind of attack deployed for other kind of block ciphers. The first linear cryptanalysis on SAES introduced by Mohammad A. Musa et all , so they analyzed linear attack on first round of SAES. This paper improve their work on fist round and develop it for full round linear attack. We show that this algorithm is vulnerable against linear attack. Undoubtly, one of the important results of this cryptanalysis is that, it will be possible to propose proper linear attack on Rijndael.


Simplified AES, Linear Cryptanalysis, S-box