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A New Characterization Scheme of Reusable Software Components


Parvinder Singh Sandhu, Hardeep Singh, Baljit Saini


Vol. 7  No. 8  pp. 220-225


The software reuse has been gathering the attention of the software industry due to its potential to revamp the software development process. The systematic use of the software reuse is practical and the industrial user data shows that it improves the productivity and quality of the software. However there are issues which have been limiting the wide spread use of software reuse. These relate to software component representation, its storage and retrieval. Understanding and codifying the characteristics of components is essential to the effective management and development of component-based software systems. This paper presents a new characterization scheme for reusable software component based on information retrieval theory. Different organizations of the extracted keywords that represent the semantic feature of the software component are evaluated. This approach allows using uncontrolled vocabulary and automatic indexing of software components that are stored a reusable component library. It could be beneficial for improving the productivity of reuse repository manager by easy identification and retrieval of desired software components.


Characterization, Semantic Relation, Repository, Indexing, Importance factor, Relevance factor, Similarity function