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Requirement/Service Cooperation Model of Multi-Agent System in the Situation Calculus


Liu Yisong, Zhong Shan, Sun Yamin


Vol. 7  No. 9  pp. 69-72


In multi-agent systems, the Requirement/Service is a cooperation way that is simple, efficient, and wildly applied. Under the framework of Situation Calculus, the agents’ mental states (knowledge, task/goal, etc.) are represented by some special fluents and complex actions, and communication actions are introduced into the earlier ConGolog referring to FIPA-ACL. Consequently, we propose a Requirement/Service cooperation model and semantics for multi-agent System based on the extended ConGolog. What’s more, in terms of the model and semantics, we specify a feasible case of the multi-agent system in the dynamic and incompletely known environment for achieving the cooperation based on reasoning about action and change.


situation calculus, multi-agent system, cooperation model, cooperation semantics