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Rummage Web Server Tuning Evaluation through Benchmark


Hiyam S. Ensour, Ahmad Kayed


Vol. 7  No. 9  pp. 103-109


This study examines a web server performance tuning by using special main parameters in benchmark, using real data and real applications in more than 13 different cases. Two adaptive parameters (CLCIK and TIME) are used as measurements for tuning. A web server stress tools 7 benchmark (WSST) is used as a recognized application. Some procedures are projected to compare the final results, the first process is based on finding the main factor of the parameters affecting on tuning. Second, a variety of the values of the benchmark parameters are discussed to have better results of the web server performance by finding the core relationship among main parameters in WSST. The parameters criteria show the effect on web server behavior under certain conditions and environments. We monitor it at different times and works. Contributing discuses some results such as, bottleneck, traffic, and response time which related with criteria's and measurements.


Performance, Web server, Benchmark, and Tuning.