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Storage and Rekeying Cost for Cumulative Member Removal in Secure Group Communication


A S Poornima, R. Aparna, B.B. Amberker


Vol. 7  No. 9  pp. 212-218


Many applications like pay-per-view, distribution of digital media etc., require secure group communication services in order to deliver packets from one or more authorized senders to a large number of authorized receivers. The main issue in secure group communication is group dynamics and key management. A scalable secure group communication model ensures that whenever there is a membership change, new group key is computed and distributed to the group members with minimal computation and communication cost. Handling member removal(leave) is more complex than member join event in any secure group communication model. In this paper m-ary tree structure is used, with number of keys at each level being m. Here, we address cumulative member removal(leave) and present protocols that minimize the number of messages required to distribute new group key to remaining members in the group. The issues related to two members removal(leave) and cumulative arbitrary members removal are handled separately.


Cumulative member removal, encryption keys, secure group communication