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Computing Channel utilization and survivability in Wavelength Routed All-Optical Networks


Srikanth P C, Anirikshith.K.C, Satyanarayana M V


Vol. 7  No. 9  pp. 219-224


We study a class of all-optical networks using wavelength-division multiplexing (WDM) and wavelength routing, in which a connection between a pair of nodes in the network is assigned a path and a wavelength on that path. Moreover, on the links of that path no other connection can share the assigned wavelength. Using a generalized reduced load approximation scheme we calculate survivability for the optical network model for two routing schemes: fixed routing and least loaded routing. In our study we consider the following two wavelength assignment strategies: first fit method and random method. Results also show the channel utilization i.e., how many times a particular wavelength is used while setting up the path.


Blocking probability, Survivability reduced load approximation, wavelength conversion, wavelength-division multiplexing