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Software Component Models from a Technical perspective


Mohd Hasan Selamat, Hamid Sanatnama, Abdul Azim Abd Ghani, Rodziah Atan


Vol. 7  No. 10  pp. 135-147


Component-based Software Development is an approach that has many benefits, such as improving application developer productivity, reducing costs and complexity. Programming within this approach is like assembly rather than development, which reduce skill requirements, and allow expertise focus on domain problems. The foundation of any CBSD methodology is its underlying component model, which defines what components are, how they can be constructed, and specifies the standards and conventions that are needed to enable composition of independently developed component. This paper presents a survey of the current available component technologies with focus on the technical perspective of each component model in order to have better understanding for developing a new component model. We have categorized them based on Distributed Application Support and Interaction mechanism.


Component Models, Component Compositions, Interoperability, Remote Procedure Call