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Information Security Component Framework and Interfaces for Implementation of SSL


Jong-Whoi Shin


Vol. 7  No. 10  pp. 220-224


Various security APIs such as IETF GCS-API and GSS-API, RSA Cryptoki, Microsoft CryptoAPI, and Intel CDSA are being used in a variety of application areas requiring the information security function. However, these proprietary standards are not compatible, and the developer must use those APIs selectively depending on the application environment or the programming language. To resolve this problem, we propose the information security component framework, while SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) using the confidentiality and integrity component interfaces has been implemented to verify validity of the framework. The implemented SSL uses the lower-level SSL component when establishing the RMI (Remote Method Invocation) communication between components, as if the security algorithm had been implemented by adding one more layer on the TCP/IP.


Component Based Design, Application Programming Interface, Secure Socket Layer, Remote Method Invocation