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Redundant Group Peers Based Adaptive Load Distribution in Peer-to-Peer Grid


Yong-Hyuk Moon, Jae-Hoon Nah, Chan-Hyun Youn


Vol. 7  No. 11  pp. 105-114


We present our own research work that uses extents of Peer-to-Peer technology with a framework that allows reliable Grid computing (P2P Grid) over the Internet. We propose how to decide optimized redundancy level of group peers by using system cost function and grid local reliability. Moreover we discuss an effectiveness of SLA-constrained load scheduling policy with multi-probing technology in order to maintain group more stable. Especially SLA-constrained load scheduling policy is designed for handling divisible loads and indivisible loads simultaneously and guaranteeing the shortest time of completing task. Finally through the simulation, we provide that these two proposed schemes can be evaluated to the reasonable solution to overcome unexpected system fault or down regarding system dependability issues in redundant group peers based P2P Grid environment.


P2P Network, Grid Computing, Load Distribution, Group Peer