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Algorithm for Layered Sorting and Merging of P2P Information Retrieval


Yi-Hong Tan, Ya-Ping Lin


Vol. 8  No. 1  pp. 41-48


Due to the intrinsic characteristics, P2P information retrieval has faced quite a few challenges, and it is one of the urgent problems how to sort and merge the retrieval results from multiple nodes. For this reason, we propose a novel algorithm for layered sorting and merging of P2P information retrieval. In the proposed approach, the query submitting node submits the query string to the nodes that more probably acquires retrieval results. These nodes accept query request, sort the retrieval results in the descending order of similarities with traditional sorting method and select top-k documents to send to the query requesting node, and then the query submitting node execute sorting and merging. The final experimental results suggest that our proposed approach is feasible, correct and valid.


Information Retrieval, Sorting, Merging, Peer-to-Peer