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Gaining Secure Assets using Integrated Components of Grid Security Infrastructure (GSI) Creating inside Grid Environment




Vol. 8  No. 1  pp. 291-296


The existence of grid computing in the near future is an admitted reality. The ubiquity of the grid computing connection to desktops has brought both boon to scientists as well as a cause of concern due to the security of digital assets that may be unknowingly exposed[1,3]. Grid Security Infrastructure (GSI), with all its components, has been the most commonly deployed solution to secure corporate assets against external and not internal attacks [7]. In other words, certificates are the way users authenticate themselves in grid-network activates that perform identity verifications [4]. The certification methods are supported as an instance of SSL/TSL (Secure Socket Layer/Transport Layer) security that implements authentication through the exchange of certificates based on public/private keys according to the X509 standard [9]and also with help of DS(digital signature)[7]. The present paper intends to demonstrate briefly the grid access by users and secure tunnels (like virtual private network (VPN)) [8], then to show practically some intruders which can penetrate the security system while delegation processes are taken place. So far all of appointed procedures are looking elegant, still there are some drawbacks, if one look at grid security from a side of internal attacks that absolutely gives a real depicture of threats. this paper will summarize a problem with a case study of Globus toolkit 4.x (a type of middleware software) in which delegation has to be applied Within a grid set up, GSI is well-configured security stages which has the completed components for helping grid users and administrators getting a benefit from security tools before running any job with Globus toolkits, generating a proxy is a last step before firing Globus run command (globus-run command Executable file)[6]. Although it is passed all these security requirements, still there is a fault of internal attacks on it. Therefore, when delegation process has taken place the supper-user i.e. administrator of proxy’s node or successive machines of delegated machine can access its Proxy’s private key and x509 certificate meanwhile contacting business under its name.Input here the part of summary. As it mentioned above a problem with this assumed work will have a suggestion for solving the mentioned problem by using N.N (Neural Network with Artificial approaches) with IDS (Intrusion Detection System). It could be helpful to solve such a problem using learning phrases to train N.N about three patterns (Normal, Abnormal, and Random Behaviors). Later on the network being able and ready to classify patterns in related with previous learning stages, Finally, it is suggested to work as a package within targeted server’s machine to prevent most possible penetrations.


Gride, Grid Security Infrastructure, GSI, Component, Security