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Robust Guaranteed Cost Satisfactory Fault-Tolerant Control with Regional Poles Constraints


Xiaodong Han, Dexiao Xie, Long Ge, Zhiquan Wang


Vol. 8  No. 3  pp. 174-178


The problem of robust guaranteed cost satisfactory fault-tolerant control with regional poles constraints against actuator failures is investigated for a class of continuous-time systems with uncertainties which do not satisfy matching conditions. The state-feedback controller is designed to guarantee the closed-loop system satisfying the pre-specified regional pole index, H∞ norm-bound constraint on disturbance attenuation and having the quadratic cost performance simultaneously, for all admissible value-bounded uncertainties and possible actuator failures. Thus, the resulting closed-loop system can provide satisfactory stability, transient property, H∞ performance and cost performance despite of possible actuator faults. A simulative example shows the validity of the proposed method.


fault-tolerant control, actuator failures, poles constraints, guaranteed cost control