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High Performance Multithreaded Model for Stream Cipher


Khaled M. Suwais, Azman Bin Samsudin


Vol. 8  No. 3  pp. 228-233


New multithreaded model for stream cipher algorithms is presented as a step to enhance the performance (encryption rate) of stream ciphers. The architecture of the model relies on the multi-core technology which has become a common nowadays. The model is divided into three (components) phases: Thread Creation Phase, Keystream Generation Phase and Encryption Phase. Multiple threads will be created and synchronized in order to ensure higher performance and stable execution among the model’s components. The experimental results show that the encryption rate of the tested ECSC-128 stream cipher has increased greatly. However, the main characteristics of the proposed model are easy to implement and fast on execution in a compact structure.


Multithreading, Multi-Core, Stream Cipher and Encryption