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Suggested Functionalities of a Software Maintenance Tool for a University Application System


Hidayah Sulaiman, Rusli Abdullah


Vol. 8  No. 3  pp. 285-291


Using the right type of tool for maintenance activity and application support is essential in order to meet today’s technological demands. These days, almost all business operations rely on application system efficiency. Maintenance is also seen as the highest percentage of work activity done in a software development life cycle as many software practitioners and researchers have quoted. Even in 1991 there was already a study by Abran that showed a mere increased in the maintenance activity and support to users. This paper will present the result of a study done on various public and private universities of Klang Valley in Malaysia. Based on the findings, the maintenance tool is seen as helpful and useful for the developers or maintainers of a university application system to assist them in their daily maintenance activity.


Software Maintenance Tool, First level support, second level support, knowledge base