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Animation of Scientific Data Using VTK Designer


G.M.Lingaraju, C S Bagewadi


Vol. 8  No. 3  pp. 318-325


Visualization is the science of giving visual appearance to raw data for humans to understand the content of the raw data. This broad definition of visualization encompasses Information visualization, Data Visualization (Databases) and scientific 3D Visualization (VTK, OpenDX, AVS etc). VTK is an open-source IDE for creating and editing VTK visualization networks for Rapid Application Development. In this paper we introduce the design concepts behind the Visualization Toolkit Designer (VTK Designer), the objective of which was to write a reliable and comprehensive application that will make the task of designing any type of VTK based visualization pipeline easy by making use of graphical means for constructing and configuring the pipeline, also generate the source code for the constructed pipeline in any of the languages supported by VTK. This paper targets researchers of any discipline who have 2D or 3D data and want more control over the visualization process than a twist-input system can provide. It also assists developers who would like to incorporate VTK into an application as a visualization or data processing engine. Even though this paper can only provide an introduction to this feature-rich visualization pipeline designer, we’ve also provided references to additional material. This paper also shows the demonstration of the fluid animation as an application.


Animation, Scientific Data, VTK