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RLC Circuit Response and Analysis (Using State Space Method)


Mohazzab Javed, Hussain Aftab, Muhammad Qasim, Mohsin Sattar


Vol. 8  No. 4  pp. 48-54


This paper presents RLC circuit response and analysis, which is modeled using state space method. It provides a method with the exact accuracy to effectively calculate the state space models of RLC distributed interconnect (nodes) and transmission line in closed forms in time domain and transfer functions by recursive algorithms in frequency domain, where their RLC components can be evenly distributed or variously valued. The main features include simplicity and accuracy of the said closed forms of the state space models {A,B,C,D} without involving matrix inverse and matrix multiplication operations, effectiveness and accuracy of the said recursive algorithms of the transfer functions. The response of the RLC is examined from different input functions by using Matlab. A time-varying state-space control model was presented and used to predict the stability and voltages of the RLC series circuit results are shown to validate the method. We find that the effects of changing the resistances and capacitors on the systems are negligent, whereas changing the inductor causes the output to change. The salient features of this algorithm are the inclusion of the parameter variation in the RLC.


RLC, Circuit, Response, State Space Method