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MIR system for mobile information retrieval by image querying


A.Souissi, H.Tabout, A.Sbihi


Vol. 8  No. 4  pp. 65-73


This paper presents a new mobile service called MIR (Multimedia Information Request). The proposed approach relies on VAS (Add value service) technology of the mobile network (MMS, SMS and WAP) and content based image retrieval techniques. The aim of this service is to facilitate the search of historical monuments information and architectural heritage of Morocco. Photos taken by user mobile phone are sent by MMS to a server. After the geographic location stage the server analysis and measures their similarities and compares them with prestored images. In order to visualise results information, we have proposed two options: the first consists of a detailed message SMS about the monument described in the request image. The second is concerned with a WAP portal in order to display detailed results to each similar image. The last technique allows users to browse and extend their research. An implemented prototype system has demonstrated a promising retrieval performance for a test database containing more than 3000 color images.


Information search, Content based image retrieval, Median Online, VAS Mobile Network, Geographic Localization