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A Novel Chaotic Neural Network with Stochastic Noise and Heuristic Mechanism for Minimum Vertex Cover Problem


Junyan Yi, Gang Yang, Yunyi Zhu, Zheng Tang


Vol. 8  No. 4  pp. 122-127


In this paper, we propose a novel chaotic neural network embedded with stochastic simulated annealing noise and a heuristic mechanism to solve minimum vertex cover problem. The proposed network can make a global search with the affection of stochastic noise and obtain a chaotic search by the chaotic dynamics. The stochastic noise with simulated annealing is able to find a global optimum solution if the annealing process is carried out sufficiently slowly. For increasing the network convergence speed and degree, a heuristic mechanism on vertex degree is introduced to modify the convergence trend. The proposed network is tested on a large number of random graphs. The simulation results show that the proposed algorithm is effective and better than some other works in solving minimum vertex cover problem.


Chaotic neural network, Stochastic noise, Heuristic mechanism, Minimum vertex cover problem