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Enhancement of Security through an Efficient Substitution-based Block Cipher of Bit-level Implementation with Possible Lossless Compression


Pranam Paul, Saurabh Dutta, A K Bhattacharjee


Vol. 8  No. 4  pp. 318-326


This paper presents a substitution-based block cipher that considers a file to be encrypted as a bit-stream. The cipher implements a storage efficient algorithm through which along with encryption a reduction in size is also achieved. As encryption is done at bit label, this algorithm can be implemented on any kind of files. A tendency of increase in execution time is observed. The proposed technique is compared with the existing International Data Encryption Algorithm (IDEA) with respect to execution time and degree of non-homogeneity. A generalized expression for the key space is formularized.


cryptography, encryption, decryption, cipher, private key, symmetric key, plain text, cryptographic modeling