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An Algorithm for Distributed Aggregation-join Query Processing in Data Grids


Hua Feng, Zhenhuan Zhang


Vol. 8  No. 5  pp. 102-110


Aggregation-join query plays an important role in query processing in data girds and has been applied to many fields, such as global climate simulation, high energy physics and molecular biology. Applying aggregation and join operations on remote relations in data grids is a unique and difficult issue due to the heterogeneous, unpredictable and volatile behaviors of the grid resources. To the best of our knowledge, little is done to date on aggregation-join query processing in data grids. An approach for efficiently processing aggregation-join query is proposed in this paper. And analytical and experimental results show the effectiveness and efficiency of the proposed approach.


Data Grids, Aggregation-join Query, Partial Replica, Replica Maximum Cover, Minimum Maximum Edge Matching