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Improving Array Search algorithm Using Associative Memory Neural Network


Emad Issa Abdul Kareem, Aman Jantan


Vol. 8  No. 5  pp. 111-116


When we face any problem need to solve it with or without computer, we must choose a proper data structure, to represent its data efficiently. This means, we can insert, delete and search any element using chosen data structure efficiently. Array is the most widely used data structure. Our research aims to combine array with BAM neural network to improve array search algorithm to find any element in the array structure with only one comparison. Thus, we are developing new array structure algorithms (inserts, delete and search) Experimental test presents promising results by applying all the proposed algorithms. In addition Experimental test proves that the proposed search algorithm is able to find any element in the array structure with only one comparison via using BAM.


Data structure algorithms, array data structure, search algorithms, neuralnetwork, associative memory, bidirectional associative memory BAM.