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Accelerating Convergence of the Frank-Wolfe Algorithm for Solving the Traffic Assignment Problem


Sa?da Arrache, Rachid Ouafi


Vol. 8  No. 5  pp. 181-186


The Frank-Wolfe method (FW) is one of the most widely used algorithm for solving routing problems in the telecom and traffic areas, its popularity is attributed to its simplicity and modest memory requirements. However, FW converges very slowly, that makes it less favourable to use without modifications. To improve its performance, different modifications of the Frank-Wolfe method have been suggested. In This paper we describe a new modified version (FWF?), the algorithm consists to combine Fukushima direction (FWF), with a widened line search technique (FW?). We also present preliminary computational studies in a C++Builder5, in these we apply (FW), (FW?), (FWF), and (FWF?) methods to some Traffic assignment problems. The computational results indicate that the proposed algorithm yield satisfactory results within reasonable computational time comparing to the other methods.


Algorithms, Convergence, Frank-Wolfe method, Traffic assignment