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Construction and Reconfiguration of a Component-based Embedded JVM


Hiroo Ishikawa, Tatsuo Nakajima


Vol. 8  No. 7  pp. 29-35


Component software is a method to deal with the complexity of software structures and configurations. Despite the increase of complexity in systems software such as operating systems and virtual machines, most of such software are configured under a traditional way i.e. C preprocessor directives. This paper explores a component software tool. We modularize an implementation of Java virtual machine with a component description language, called Knit. We show the difference between the original implementation and the modularized one. The modularization introduces little overhead despite the clearer view of its architecture. Three case study on reconfiguration of our JVM implementation show the benefits and problems of current component software technology.


Software components, component-based configuration, JVM, case study, Earl Gray, Wonka