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UML Modeling of Embedded Database through C++


Vipin Saxena, Deepak Arora


Vol. 8  No. 7  pp. 104-113


Today in the market we find large number of database applications designed according to the need of individual user. A database needs to be fast and reliable, besides that it should be compact and portable too. Nowadays devices require some new kind of databases which consume less amount of memory and can be installed easily on devices such as on mobile phones, PDAs, set-top boxes and automotives, etc. It should be design to use available resources, in an efficient way. These requirements lead the developers towards the concept of Embedded Database. In this paper authors have given the design of Embedded Database through a well known modeling language i.e. Unified Modeling Language (UML). Authors have also given a case study of development of prototype for Embedded Database Management System, implemented using C++ programming language. Authors have tested the performance of developed prototype and also reported the test result in this paper.


UML class diagram, UML sequence diagram, Embedded Database, C++