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Web-Based CASE Tool for Automated Rendering of UML Models


Sellappan Palaniappan, Louis Ling


Vol. 8  No. 8  pp. 146-152


Traditional CASE tools are desktop-based, so they do not support online software collaboration. That is, they do not allow members of software project teams who are geographically distributed to collaborate and work together on software projects. This constrains software houses from tapping into global talent pools that can help reduce software costs and acquire needed expertise. Online CASE tools can help solve this problem. This paper presents a prototype web-based CASE tool that supports automated rendering of UML models by enabling team members who are geographically distributed to work together. Software modelers specify their software systems using a set of triplets for each UML diagram and the tool uses the triplets to automatically render high-quality SVG graphics, thus eliminating the need for manual diagramming. The current version supports three UML diagrams: Class, Use Case and Sequence. The tool is implemented using Active Server Page (the Microsoft’s server-side scripting engine) and VBScript (the Microsoft’s Visual Basic Scripting Language) and can be accessed on the Web.


Web-based CASE tools, Scalable Vector Graphics, collaborative software modeling, UML diagrams