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Performance Optimization for Mobile Agent Message Broadcast Model Using V-Agent


Faiz Al-Shrouf, Mohd Eshtay, Khaled Abu Humaidan


Vol. 8  No. 8  pp. 285-291


Mobile agents have motivated the new creation of methodology for parallel distributed computing systems. In this paper, we have developed a model based on Master-Slave Design Pattern of mobile agent systems called Master-V-Slave (MVS) model throughout a computational agent, namely (V-agent). The proposed model utilizes V-agent to analyze a new computing model, namely Message Broadcast Model (MBM) for managing broadcast messages between a set of master agents carrying out tasks on a set of clients and corresponding slave agents receiving and performing tasks within a predefined allocating time on a set of servers. We analyzed the MBM using Vogel's Approximation Method (VAM) to optimize and minimize message time performance distribution architecture. Furthermore, we implemented a prototyping scenario of MBM that computes total number of expected delivery messages from a set of master agents to set of slave agents based on slave time message response with V-agent. Our proposed model could potentially exploit Message Delivery/Response Matrix (MDRM) based on MBM that can be integrated with parallel distributing computing systems and knowingly analyses approaches in operations research. This paper elaborates performance optimization analysis of mobile agents and mathematical computational agents.


Mobile Software Agents, Message Broadcast Model (MBM), Master-V-Slave (MVS) model, Message Delivery/Response Matrix (MDRM), V-Agent