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A Novel Genetic Algorithm Approach for Solving Flow Shop Problem


Buthainah F Al-Dulaimi, Hamza A.Ali


Vol. 8  No. 9  pp. 229-235


Genetic algorithms simulate the survival of the fittest among individuals over consecutive generations for solving a problem. Prior work has shown that genetic algorithms generally do not perform well for shop problems [1]. This paper proposes a solution for the Flow Shop Problem (FSP) or Machine scheduling problem that implements a Genetic Algorithm based solution for Traveling Salesman Problem (GATSP) [2]. The suggested algorithm is stated as a scheduling problem in which a batch of jobs (n-jobs) is to be assigned to a group of machines (m-machine). It aims to maximize the total efficiency of the shop given only the job/machine processing time matrix for machine scheduling.


Fflow shop, machine scheduling, genetic algorithms, traveling salesman problem.