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Making AES Stronger: AES with Key Dependent S-Box


Krishnamurthy G N, V Ramaswamy


Vol. 8  No. 9  pp. 388-398


With the fast evolution of digital data exchange, security information becomes much important in data storage and transmission. In this paper, we show a new property of Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)[1],[2],[3] using S-box and Inverse S-box. We also show how this property can be used to make the S-box key dependent[5],[6],[7],[9],[24] and hence make AES stronger. This has been done without changing the basic operations of AES. The importance lies in the fact that the S-box is made Key dependent without changing its values (ranging from 00 to FF) and without touching Inv-S-box. Detailed explanations of implementation are given.


Cryptography, Encryption, Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), Key dependent S-box, Inverse S-box, Key expansion