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Folding ADC Design for Software Defined GSM Radio-Mobile Station Receiver


Ajay D. Jadhav, Anil.R.Yardi


Vol. 8  No. 9  pp. 403-406


Software Defined Radio is emerging as a new trend in the field of wireless communication. The Software Defined Radio is aimed for providing single radio unit, which can operate on different wireless and mobile standards only by modifying its software. The study of wireless communication systems reveals that integration of various wireless communication technologies is a goal of next generation communication system and it is a major challenge. Multimode, multiband Software Defined Radio can provide one of the best solutions for designing a single radio that can accommodate such different standards. Total flexibility and reconfigurability can be achieved when all radio functions can be implemented through software. This is the basis of ideal Software Defined Radio, where A/D/A conversion is carried out at RF stage of the radio immediately after the antenna. Role of ADC is very critical in software radio. ADC with high resolution and performance is essential. A 17 bit ADC with conversion rate greater than MSPS is required for Software Defined GSM Radio receiver. The work presented in this paper contributes in the design of high performance Folding analog to digital converter for digitization at RF stage in Software Defined GSM Radio mobile receiver application. Results of the work specify the critical specifications of this ADC architecture. Results of this work also specify the critical specifications of internal components used to build the Folding ADC architecture for Software Defined GSM radio receiver. The work is supported by MATLAB simulation platform.